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Thank you - our customers!
the team

Thanks for helping us grow from a small idea to become one of the busiest apps with big consequences in self health declaration & confirmation.

Now, more than ever, everyone needs to adapt to a world health landscape to be able to get together healthily & thrive.

We at are driven to continue to innovate to help businesses, professionals, staff & clients to continue with daily life with confidence & safety.

It continues to give us pride that we help daily thousands of businesses & professionals continue their business as normal.

Thank you all for the fantistic feedback & encouragement.

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Our Key People


Ray Owen, Inat Weiss , Igor Oswald    -   Special Project Assistants

Paul J. Lester   -   Chief Developer

Vicky Blanc   -   Marketing Manager

Alex Hoffman   -   Graphics & Design Director

Jack Swift   -   Developer

Holly Faith   -   Infrastructure Engineer


We always have vacancies for imaginative thinkers! Contact us for details.


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