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What is is the perfect tool to get people to declare good health before work, class, a business meeting or appointment takes place to protect everyone in the group.

How can I use

Join now to start requesting health declarations from clients / contractors / staff / students within minutes.

How long are confirmation valid?

Confirmations last maximum one day. Each day a new confirmation will be required.

Why use

Declaring that all parcipitants in a meeting, at work or class is now required in many countries for many types of group meetings.

- make all appointments & meetings more comfortable knowing everyone is declaring good health.

- show your company cares about customers & staff so can be good for business.

- saves potential embarrassment of asking directly.

- protects against potential legal litigation.

Who uses

- individuals (such as before a contractor visits or hair appointment).

- education facilities to declare all students health before lessons.

- in factories & offices to declare all staff health before the work day.

- leisure to declare staff & customers health before activities.

- home visits before the professional arrives.

Is free? has multiple subscription options, including a free plan. Free users have access to many (but not all) of the same features as paid users, but with lower limits.

Is legally binding?

Although is not to be a legally binding contract but it certainly can be used as evidence in any litigation.

What is the api?

Connect to your own systems / website / backend easily using the api. For example a gymnasium can request health confirmations with & the result is automatically sent back to allow keycard access for the customer. Your developer is needed to use this feature.

What is with Google Sheets?

Data & confirmations can be updated / exported to Google Sheets to make interaction with your own systems easy.

Is Secure & HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, takes members data security very seriously so uses RSA data encryption to be HIPAA Compliant.
Health information is never shared: only passes a confirmation notice that users have confirmed they are healthy.


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